Date of Birth
April 28, 1941, Valsjöbyn, Jämtlands län, Sweden

Birth Name
Ann-Margret Olsson


5' 5"

This Swedish-born actress and singer has remained one of the most famous sex symbols and
actresses since the early 1960s, and has continued her career through the following decades.
Born in Sweden on April 28, 1941, she came to America at age 6. She studied at Northwestern
University and left for Las Vegas to pursue a career as a singer. She was discovered by
George Burns and soon afterward got both a record deal at RCA and a film contract at
20th Century Fox. In 1961, her single "I Just Don't Understand" charted in the Top 20 of the
Billboard Hot 100 Charts. Her acting debut followed the same year as Bette Davis' daughter
in Frank Capra's Pocketful of Miracles. She appeared in the musical State Fair  a year later
before her breakthrough the following year.

With Bye Bye Birdie and Viva Las Vegas opposite Elvis Presley, she became a Top 10 Box
Office star, teen idol and even Golden Globe winning actress. She was marketed as
Hollywood's hottest young star and in the years to come got awarded the infamous nickname
"sex kitten." Some of her pictures, like The Cincinnati Kid with Steve McQueen, were hits.
While others such as Bus Riley's Back in Town and Murderers' Row, were ripped apart by
critics. She couldn't escape being typecast because of her great looks. By the late 1960s,
her career stalled, and she turned to foreign films and television for new projects. She
returned and was back in the public image with Hollywood films like C.C. and Company,
Las Vegas sing-and-dance shows and her own television specials.

She finally overcame her image when she co-starred with Jack Nicholson in Carnal Knowledge,
receiving an Academy Award nomination and succeeding in changing her image from sex kitten to
respected actress. A near-fatal accident at a Lake Tahoe show in 1972 only momentarily stopped her
career. She made a recovery and was again Oscar-nominated in for her performance in Tommy, the
rock opera film of the British rock band The Who. Her film career continued successfully into the late
'70s with starring roles in films like Magic. She wowed the critics with her performances in Who Will
Love My Children?  and the remake of A Streetcar Named Desire, the first of many projects to earn
her Emmy nominations.

After starring in a string of forgettable films throughout the 80s, she had one of the biggest
commercial successes of her career with Grumpy Old Men as the object of desire for Jack Lemmon
and Walter Matthau, and it's equally successful sequel, Grumpier Old Men with Sophia Loren.
Ann-Margret has also performed with such notable leading men as Al Pacino, John Wayne, Anthony
Hopkins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gene Hackman, Vince Vaughn, and John Travolta, vintage
actresses such as Julie Andrews and Janet Leigh, as well as contemporary female stars like Jennifer
Aniston and Cameron Diaz. She continues to act in the 1990s and 2000s, with lead roles in TV and
independent films, and supporting roles in Hollywood mainstream pictures such as Any Given Sunday,
Taxi, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, and The Break-Up.

Since 1967 she has been married to Roger Smith, and is the stepmother of his three children.
Ann-Margaret is considered iconic and legendary, remaining one of Hollywood's top sex symbols and
one of the most famous women in America.

Oh yeah, she was also "ANN MARG-ROCK" on the Flintstones. Major resume item!!!
From Bye Bye Birdie to Las Vegas and
Beyond, the entertainer's lengthy career
proves the staying power of her talent and

Reprising many of the difficult numbers she
performed as a young woman, including
one with a motorcycle, Ann-Margret blew
apart the premise that a woman in her 60s
lacks an edgy allure. A standing ovation
curtain call at her 2003 McCallum Theatre
appearance proved that this Swedish-born
sex-kitten of the 1960s still has what it
takes to rile up a full house.

"Performing at the McCallum was a real
thrill for me, as it is a beautiful theater with
warm audiences," recalls the singer/
dancer/ actress.

She returned to the desert on April 20
(eight days shy of her 67th birthday) to be
inducted into the Gold Circle, an honor
bestowed by the Pacific Southwest Chapter
of the National Academy of Television Arts
and Sciences in recognition of 50 or more
years in show business.
"You are wondering how much longer I will continue to perform," she says with an impish smile. "It will
be as long as I feel the joy and passion. I am a Taurus and a stubborn Swede, so no amount of
money could get me to go on stage if I did not want to."

Ann-Margret Olsson spent her first six years growing up in the tiny Swedish town of Valsjobn near the
Arctic Circle. Thanks to her musical mother, Anna, she memorized many local folk songs by the age of
3. The family harmonized together while Anna"s brother, Calle, accompanied them on his accordion.
Ann-Margret still sings these lively childhood melodies. Violets for Mother is her favorite. "I performed
that piece of music at the McCallum," she recalls. "It is a song very close to my heart, very close to
me," she whispers, clutching a hand to her chest.

In the private quietness of her canyon home, she often softly sings a few bars of the melodic Swedish
lullaby in a sweet, soulful voice "Violer till Mor"

Roger Smith, 77 Sunset Strip heartthrob and her husband and business partner of 40-plus years -
The tight bond between the two is unmistakable. They have endured a lot together since they first met
in 1964: the highs and lows of her career with him by her side as her manager; his ongoing battle with
the rare neurological disease myasthenia gravis; and her 22-foot, nearfatal plunge off a platform high
above a stage in Lake Tahoe in 1972. They have a little white fluffball of a dog, Missy, named in
honor of the late Barbara Stanwyck, whose nickname was Missy.

"It was Barbara who, in the late "80s, told my friend [fashion designer] Nolan Miller that I would be
perfect in the part of Ann Grenville in The Two Mrs. Grenvilles. Barbara intended to play the part of
Alice Grenville until she became ill, and Claudette Colbert took over her role," Ann-Margret recalls.
"We had never really officially met before then, although we both won the Golden Apple Female Star
of the Year in 1983. When we finally met during the filming, she gave me a handkerchief, which I wore
in a scene in the movie. It is one of my dearest treasures."

Due for release this year, The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond is Ann-Margret"s second opportunity to
act in a movie based on Tennessee Williams" work. In 1983, she played Blanche DuBois in A
Streetcar Named Desire. In the new movie, based on Williams" posthumously discovered screenplay,
she portrays a lonely spinster who controls the family money. "I enjoyed acting with Ron Howard"s
daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard," Ann-Margret says of one of her Teardrop co-stars. "She is a terrific
young actress."

Ann-Margret also has a cameo appearance with John Travolta in Old Dogs, (the cast also includes
Kelly Preston, Robin Williams, and Matt Dillon). She recalls meeting Travolta in 1973 when he was a
19-year-old visiting her backstage after her Las Vegas show. "Looking into his eyes and watching his
demeanor, I just knew he would be a big star one day. Since that night, he has gone on to accomplish
much in his career. Roger and I saw his latest movie, Hairspray, and the first thing I thought was that it
captured the spirit of one of my early movie musicals: Bye Bye Birdie with all the dance numbers and
the costumes."

Even though she didn"t have any scenes in Old Dogs with Williams, Ann-Margret received an
unexpected surprise visit from him during the shoot. "I had never met Robin before," she says. "I
always admired his work. One day, he called my hotel room where I was staying near the film location
and said that he and his assistant were in the lobby and wanted to say hello. I opened the door, and
there he was with a bouquet of roses. He stayed about an hour; and all during that time, he was
gentle, quiet, and softspoken. He was very funny, especially around my dog, Missy. He started
"speaking dog" with her " growling, barking, and talking. Missy was mesmerized. She had never met a
person like him before. I laugh about that visit a lot."

Ann-Margret"s life hit a high point in 1982 when King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden
presented her with the Swedish American of the Year Award in Stockholm. The king and queen
traveled to Minneapolis, Minn., to catch one of her stage productions. Knowing they were coming, she
rehearsed her singers and dancers over and over on the correct way to bow and curtsy before
royalty. "I taught them how to do this," she says, jumping to her feet and dramatically demonstrating
the proper moves. "Well, in my excitement I broke the rules and ran right up to the king and queen,
forgetting all Swedish protocol. Their security went crazy."

Riding motorcycles has been a passion of hers since she was 10. A few years ago, while performing
in the play Love Letters with Burt Reynolds in Los Angeles, she met a friend of Reynolds, who
enjoyed the production. Soon thereafter, Ann-Margret and Roger received two Harleys as gifts from
the appreciative man. Roger's bike is a black and tan Heritage Classic. Ann-Margaret"s is a Hugger
that she had custom-painted lavender with white lettering " each letter of "Harley-Davidson"
surrounded by daisies. Instead of riding on the congested roads of Los Angeles, the Smiths prefer to
haul their motorcycles to out-of-the-way, scenic places such as Ojai to enjoy a relaxing countryside

inducted into the Delta films Hall of Fame - Actress

Date Unknown
Walk of Fame - Star on the Walk of Fame Motion Picture
At 6501 Hollywood Blvd.

Golden Boot Awards - Golden Boot  

CineVegas International Film Festival - Centennial Award   

Women in Film Crystal Awards - Crystal Award  

Golden Globes - Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion
                           Picture Made for TV     for: A Streetcar Named Desire

Golden Globes - Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion
                           Picture Made for TV  for: Who Will Love My Children?

Golden Apple Awards -  Golden Apple Female Star of the Year

Swedish American of the Year Award - Presented in Stockholm by King Carl XVI Gustaf
                                                                and Queen Silvia of Sweden.

Golden Globes - Golden Globe Best Motion Picture Actress - Musical/Comedy    for: Tommy

Golden Globes - Golden Globe Best Supporting Actress - Motion Picture
                           for: Carnal Knowledge

Laurel Awards - 3rd place Golden Laurel Musical Performance, Female for: Made in Paris

Golden Apple Awards - Sour Apple Least Cooperative Actress
Laurel Awards - 3rd place Golden Laurel Musical Performance, Female   for: Viva Las Vegas

Laurel Awards - 2nd place Golden Laurel Top Female Comedy Performance
                         for: Bye Bye Birdie
Photoplay Awards - Most Popular Female Star   

Golden Apple Awards - Sour Apple Least Cooperative Actress
Laurel Awards  - Golden Laurel Top Female Musical Performance  for: State Fair

Golden Globes - Golden Globe Most Promising Newcomer - Female
Laurel Awards - Golden Laurel Top Female New Personality
Movie Credits
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