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November 21, 2009
Review - " Twilight Saga: New Moon "  -  (in theaters) By Roland Hansen
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The second installment sees Edward leave Bella as it is not safe for her to be around him and his family, all of whom she has
grown to love. After Jasper loses control when Bella cuts her finger at her birthday party and threatens to turns her into a
vampire buffet Edward makes the difficult choice to leave her. He lies to her in saying that he does not want her anymore.
Bella is left crushed and months pass by without her doing anything apart from going to school. That is until she decides to
get two motorbikes and takes them to Jacob Black for him to fix them up.

This brings Bella and Jake extremely close - becoming
best friends. That is all at least in Bella’s eyes,
however Jake feels slightly different. He fills the whole
which Edward left. Bella does not seem to have much
luck with the boys in her life, when Jake begins to act
strange and it is revealed he is in fact a werewolf.
Bella finds when she risks her life she sees and hears
Edward. Thus she becomes an adrenaline junkie
taking more and bigger risks - leading her to do a bit
of recreational cliff diving. Presentient Vampire Alice
(Ashley Green looking very cute) has been keeping
tabs on Bella and sees her jump off a cliff. Edward
thinks she's dead and, in full jackass mode, Jake
doesn't help much. But when Alice shows up and
informs her that her love, Edward, is in danger, will
Bella stay with Jake or go help Edward? . . . this leads
Bella to Italy to save him and an encounter with the
Volturi, lead by Aro.

The ending with Edward and Jake talking to each other
in the woods with Bella between them was quite emotional, I felt more sorry for Jake after everything he had done to make
Bella happy again. This was the first time Edward and Jake had been together since Edward left and Jake began romancing
Bella. I thought it was good that Jake managed to control his anger for as long as he did. I loved Bella telling poor Jake
"Jacob, I love you. Don't make me choose between you. Because it'll be him. It's always been him."

I think this film was an improvement on “Twilight” and really did pick up in strength. The werewolves looked fantastic, reallistic  
in size terms and how they moved. I was definitely impressed with this. Also I found the glittering of the Vampires looked much
better in this, I don’t know if that is because we saw Edward at least glitter more but I just found it better than Twilight was. And
while Stewart has deepened her portrayal of Bella, Pattinson has little to do but brood - which he does expertly.

Unfortunately most of the supporting cast is given little to do and little screen time. Michael shows up with his crush on Bella,
her school friends are briefly there, as is Billy Black. Harry Clearwater is introduced just so he can be killed off. However, my
only really issue was that we did not really get to know Jake very well, or see how he and Bella really got close, which was
such a shame as that was most of the book. Also they toned down Jacob's pressuring Bella into a relationship. He was a real
jerk in the book, forcing himself onto Bella. I guess they wanted to keep him a sympathetic character. I also really like the way
in which they adapted Harry Clearwater's heart attack with Victoria being the reason, with the wolves trying to catch her.

When it comes to the vampire world, either you’re in or
you’re out. Overall, it was good with more action than
Twilight though in the end, still probably one only the true
fans could love. Although all the basic elements of the
book were present, like "Star Wars: The Empire Fights
Back" & "Back to The Future 2", New Moon suffers from
being more of a setup for the next installment rather than
a complete movie in it's own right. Unless you've read the
books (which I have) or are a fan of Twilight in general
(which I am) you will probably be disappointed.

I, however, liked it immensely.
Dakota Fanning as red-eyed Jane in Twilight New Moon
Jacob & Bella on the reservation
Edward and Bella share a final kiss
Twilight Saga: New Moon
Directed by: Chris Weitz
Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner,
Billie Burk, Anna Kendrick, Michael Welch, Justin Chon, Ashley
Green, Jackson Rathbone, Michael Sheen, Jaimie Campbell
Bower, Peter Facinelli, Rachelle lefevre, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed,
Gil Birmingham, Graham Greene.

The second installment of what is now known as “The Twilight
Saga” opened yesterday in cinemas across the world  to record
breaking crowds. I purposely avoided the long lines favoring
instead "The Blind Side" (which I expected to be empty but
found the theater quite packed - go figger?). Instead I went to
the first showing this morning. Usually 10AM on Saturday finds
the theater quite empty but there was a fairly large crowd of
adolescent girls with their moms (and a few Dads), and there
were additional screenings at 10:30 & 11. When I left the
cinema at quarter past noon there were lines of pubescent
teenyboppers getting ready for the next show.  Boy, don't I wish
Delta Films had a piece of this film series.

Chris Weitz, who directs the second chapter in Stephenie
Meyer's adored young adult series, knows exactly who matters
in this particular club: Bella, Edward, and the girls who love
them. So fans will feel fully at home from the opening scenes of
“New Moon,” which establish a pattern that holds all the way
through: swooning romance and enough sharp cheekbones
and shirtless boys to carry any adolescent over to the next
installment. (And quite a few of their moms as well)
Michael Sheen as Aro was just so fantastic, creepy
but brilliant in the short time in which he was on the
screen. Dakota Fanning is mesmerizing in a small
role as an extremely self-possessed child-like
vampire. Fanning was very evil as Jane, who has
the ability to hurt people through their minds. She
has maybe five lines in the whole movie but
manages to nail the part - as we would expect from
an actor of her caliber. These two needed more
screen time as they really did bring something to
the story. I guess we'll just have to look forward to
their presence in the future episodes.

In comparison to the book, I found it to be a good
adaptation and liked some small changes to help
the movie flow better than if it was completely
faithful the book. Like most adaptations from novels
it would have been difficult to keep everything in.