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January 11, 2010
Review - " Beyond a Reasonable Doubt "  
(on DVD) By
Roland Hansen
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Douglas to show how the desire for fame and success can overshadow morals and ethical behaviors, sometimes just for the
chance at finding the answer to a simple question. Proof is what everyone is after in this striking film and, for me, the proof I
got out of it was that everyone in the movie can act and act well. Not only is Amber Tamblyn sexy and bold, but she pulls off
almost every side of a young, dress-for-success female attorney and when it comes to her romantic involvement, her actions
are quite believable because of her emoting and delivery.

While the editing is seamless, it sometimes lacks the time it takes for a break-taking moment to sink in, such as the romance
between Metcalf and Tamblyn, most likely an intentional tool to keep the audience engaged with the real plot. However, it
runs the risk of losing the audience's connection with the developed characters, such as Metcalf's supporting co-star Joel
Moore who's character is increasingly crucial to the plot, yet tossed to the background.

The important part of this movie is the end, and it's hidden well. Suffice to say that without the twist element, it's no better
than a standard, average courtroom drama cum investigative thriller that already laid out its cards and was just going
through its motion to the finale.

Even though it’s an engaging movie, “Beyond A
Reasonable Doubt” is filled with story problems
that hamper the overall movie. Being what it is,
it's still good, very watchable and somewhat
suspenseful, although I would call this movie a
fairly big letdown, because I simply hoped for
something much better. If you are craving for
these kind of investigative dramas, then I
suggest you better watch 'State of Play' or
'Nothing But the Truth', these movies are much
better in terms of acting and production and
unlike 'Beyond a Reasonable Doubt' they are
somewhat thought-provoking, while after
watching this movie you will simply forget it in
the next five minutes. I have to admit though
that the final words uttered here was quite a
ballsy way to end a story.
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
Directed by: Peter Hyams
Starring: Michael Douglas, Jesse Metcalf, Amber Tamblyn, Joel Moore

In this fast-paced courtroom drama noir remake of the 1956 film, Peter
Hyams (End of Days) recruits Michael Douglas, Jesse Metcalf and
Amber Tamblyn to star in a crime triangle where young, pulitzer-thirsty
investigative reporter C.J. Nicholas (Metcalf) falsely implicates himself
in a murder of a young street hooker to bring down a corrupt district
attorney (Douglas).

It’s the acting that makes the film watchable. Michael Douglas shines
as the confident lawyer portraying someone who could have counted
Gordon Gecko as a friend. Douglas is confident and intimidating as
usual. He's one of these actors who manages to own the screen
whenever he's on it, and so does his character for that matter. A
dauntless and presumptuous lawyer, Mark Hunter leads the District
Attorney's office in an undefeated-championship strategy for the office
of governor and is being accused of planting evidence in order to win
his cases. If this weren't a remake, it might have sounded cliche, but
we can look the other way instead. Meanwhile, C.J. Nichols decides
he's found a way to prove the corruption in the D.A.'s office and sets
out to do it in a most unorthodox method of setting himself up for
murder. Unfortunately for him, the corruption is quite heavier than he
anticipated and he finds himself imprisoned for longer than he

Jesse Metcalfe and Amber Tamblyn are also fine in their roles. Metcalf
is as strong an actor as Douglas as he portrays a conflicted but
calculating and eager young journalist. The film allows both him and