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January 31, 2010
Review - " Pandorum "  -  (on DVD) By Roland Hansen
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Directed by: Christian Alvart
Starring: Ben Foster, Dennis Quaid, Cam Giganet, Antje Traue,
Cung Le

After the recent big Sci-fi DVD releases, the horror fans were left
wondering what happened to Paranormal Activity? Despite the hoopla
over the mocumentary horror flick, horror fans were left with one major
release to titillate their terror needs – Pandorum (really a cross
between scifi & horror).

After Corporal Bower (Ben Foster) awakens in his sleeping chamber
on a spaceship destined for another planet like Earth, he discovers
that something horrible has happened to the ship.  Once Lt. Payton
(Dennis Quaid) awakens from his sleep, the two men desperately try to
figure out a way to open the doors to the pilots bridge.  Payton
remains locked in the room the two men awakened, while Bower crawls
out through a vent so he can restart a generator and get to the
bridge.  But what Bowers finds out is that the humans that were in
charge of the ship while they slept, were gone.  Or were they?

Pandorum - definition (according to movie) – is when the mind breaks
down into madness deep in outer space .  Or something like that.

For the sci-fi movie culture this movie will provide solid entertainment.  
The storyline and twists can be complex at moments, particularly
toward the end, so please be attentive as you watch this movie unfold.  
The creatures appear to resemble the underground cavern monsters
of The Descent so the lack of originality there is a little disappointing
(although I can’t imagine how much more they could have done with it).
Both Foster and Quaid give performances that work for this film, although at times Foster’s character seemed a bit over
dramatic.  Neither of their characters had much substance or back-story so don’t expect too much characterization in this
film.  What you can expect is a dark, ominous set design, which appears to be the same set from Alien Resurrection, and
cramped quarters that are not for the painfully claustrophobic.  At times this movie is laughable, such as when the none
English-speaking man fights one of the monsters and the monster throws him a weapon to use.  Seriously?  But you will also
find some moments incredibly intriguing, especially if sci-fi horror films are something you cherish.

Overall, this highly suspenseful film will leave you
with some very entertaining moments and an
interesting storyline.  Although the movie is not
much different aesthetically to other sci-fi movies
of the past decade, the storyline is a little more
unique than other films of the past.  However, it’ll
be hard to compete with the incredibly popular and
skillfully made District 9, simply titled franchise
reboot Star Trek, and mega-blockbuster 3D
extravaganza currently in theaters - Avatar.